The River Press

Imagine a value-based web where content helps support the livelihoods of creators and the community. Where creator work is supported by community tips, purchases and curation. Where stories, art, music and video are invested in. Where the next release by a creator is underwritten by the community—and the community receives a share of the revenue pool.

Imagine all this supports the right of anyone anywhere to tell stories and publish media supporting environmental and social change.

Effective environmental and social change needs a vibrant, financially supported content community to have a fearless, sustained voice.

The River

The River is a decentralized environmental and social change community that combines publishing, community engagement and shared equity.

Different from Twitter allowing tips of creators or Substact subscription support of writers, The River allows a fluid share-economy to develop where creators and community members benefit.

  • The River enables creators to publish and assign value to any digital media,
  • Community members invest in creator media by tipping creators and by curating content into collections, galleries and venues,
  • “Tipping” creators (or collections, galleries and venues) pools the tip/investment in creators work,
  • Creators and community members receive a “share” of the pool,
  • The River selects certain content for publication in environment and social change “editions.”

We will be making announcements and updating this post as we go.

For more information on the platform we’re using visit

Stay tuned in here for where to go once we launch and for an early beta invite!

— The River Team

The River is a publishing medium produced by FutureMint.

The River is a publishing medium coupled with decentralized finance. Creators can publish and share in revenue while sustaining environmental and social change.